A performing arts program for children age six to twelve. Gospel in Color is an artistic program about discovering the many layers of the gospel. This is done through the different classes, both in creative bible readings, and artistic expressions in dance, singing and acting. YOU add the COLOR to the Gospel. Being who you are is the most beautiful COLOR, and that's what we celebrate and invest into, in this program. The classes offered are: Sunbeams, Creative bible study and Performance class. The students perform once a month in church, and have minister in the community also. Founded in 2017 by Jasmin Gauguin, the Creative Arts Director.


Phil Ramone believed the power of music heals and transforms the lives of children, especially those living in poverty. In 2011, he partnered with the Salvation Army and Ramone Orchestra for Children was born. The program structure focuses on music-making and performance of classical, jazz, gospel, hip-hop and pop music, for 65 students, who spend four days a week in music instruction and academic enhancement at The Salvation Army and a New York City Public School. Throughout the year, these students perform for their parents, school and friends of The Salvation Army. Led by Envoy Kenneth Burton, Musical Director.


The Harlem Temple Band has a rich tradition heritage. The band began in the 1920's under the leadership of Major Lambert Bailey. Harlem Temple Bandsmen have been attending the world renowned Star Lake Music camp since 1939. At it's height the band contained thirty members and toured the Eastern Territory of the United States. The first African American in the world renowned New York Staff Band was our Bandmaster Eldon McIntyre Jr. in 1965,  Since then several members of the Harlem Temple band have become members of the New York Staff band and to this day we still can say that is true. Today the band still functions in every Sunday morning service and new members are being groomed to join in the near future. Several bandsmen have gone on to become professional musicians and play for several famous musicians such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Beyonce and many more.


Gospel group founded by Brett Burton and Lewanne Dudley in 1976 and taken over by Kenneth Burton in 1978 is dedicated to spreading the good news of Christ where ever they lead. More than two hundred singers have been involved in this group, but the group usually consists of fifteen singers for performances. They minister at several annual concerts, and for divisional and Territorial meetings, and have toured the eastern United States, the West Indies and Zimbabwe.

Phil Ramone Orchestra:

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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself." - Matthew 22:37-38

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