Chinhoyi orphanage, Zimbabwe

We are working with an organisation called Zimbabwe Summer Camps which is works with Good Shepherd - an orphanage in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, with about forty children ranging from the ages of one month to twenty-one years old.

Fortunately, most of these children are in school, but the challenges are the school fees, school uniform, as well as food, home clothing, blankets for the cold season,etc.

Through donations from Harlem Temple church congregation, we have been able to send donations.

It started off by sending some of our summer camp T shirts, that have been well received.

Something small that turned into a far greater project than we could have imagined!

Last year we donated about $800, where $500 of the money went towards school fees, as there were some children still not in school at that time, due to the cost of school fees.

This year our Pastor Lt. Chaka, who is from Chinhoyi himself, travelled with about $600 for clothes donations.

The plan was to give $20 per child, and help them pick out their very first new set of clothes from a store.

ALL children were covered with these generous donations, and a lot of them experienced shopping and choosing their own clothes for the first time! 

The joy that shone from their faces was indescribable, states our Pastor.

We intend for the relationship between Harlem Temple Corps and The Good Shepherd Orphanage to keep growing, and pray that the donations and help will keep coming.

Some members of our congregation are planning on a trip to Zimbabwe to meet the orphans.

If you wish to donate:

Please write to Lieutenant Chaka Watch on or call 212-862-3900

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